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Our Service Offerings:


We have been involved in the international property market for the past 20 years. Our experience of Investing in international property has proven fruitful for many an investor. We endeavour  to make sure you have all the information and options available in order to make an informed decision at all times. 


We only work with tried and trusted developers, builders and property management companies who in turn look after your investment. 


The services we offer are thus not one-off, but rather a continual partnership to ensure each property reaches its optimal performance in terms of capital appreciation and rental income. 

Our capable team will source the best possible investment opportunities on your behalf.

We will do due diligence on your behalf, before you enter into an agreement or contract. 

The main factors in determining the value of an investment property are the selling price of other properties in the area, and the price at which the property in question was previously sold for. The advice of BDB International’s team is invaluable in determining a property’s estimated market value, and what its price tag should be, before making a decision.

Facilitation of  the complete Transaction/Purchase,

Cash flow projections on income and expenses,

SARS tax clearance certificate for South African buyers,

Tax services on structures,

Establishment of tax efficient structures as per clients need/profile,

Provision of annual  financial statements (where companies are involved),

Opening of bank accounts abroad.

Access to SA and UK Chartered Accountants with experience in international investments.  Visit Enslins UK for more information.  

Opening of bank accounts abroad

Introduction of qualified and reliable Solicitors to facilitate the purchase

Arrangement of Registration as a Non UK Resident Landlord,

Monthly landlord statements reflecting the rent collected etc.


Re-mortgaging and selling of existing property.

We assist in the initial furnishing of a property, as well as replacement of broken and obsolete furniture.  

Make an informed decision.