The old adage of not keeping all of your eggs in the same basket still holds good today. Diversification of assets into different classes is a wise strategy and spreading the risk from a purely local investment base into an international one is even better.


uk properties

The goal is to seek stable, proven and historically favorable investment environments that have good track records and currencies that offer long term upside against the Rand. The currency selection factor can provide a significant boost to a foreign investment’s performance and provide for enhanced returns.


An asset diversification option is investing into UK and Australian residential property. With the right support, South Africans can invest with confidence in a market that has a statistically solid base and sound fundamentals for the years to come. Judicious property selection can yield excellent investment results.


Offshore property investment in the UK and Australia’s residential market is a very worthwhile counter. It has historically solid results; allows for leverage; a tenant can help pay off your loan; both countries have strong population growth (hence supply is unable to match demand for housing); a stable economy and political system.