BDB International Limited is an international company established in 2002, under the leadership of  Pieter Brink and Jannie de Beer.  The main objective is to offer Investors an opportunity in acquiring a selected property portfolio in the United Kingdom and Australia.  Ever since its inception BDB has aided individuals and companies with cost efficient, tax-saving and competitive solutions for acquiring fixed assets with offshore structures keeping their operations running smoothly.

BDB International is committed to providing a wide range of services to our valued clients from Investment Property Research to Tenant Placements and Property Management.

As it takes ample time and experience  to understand and properly research a property market BDB offers a vast, high quality alternative to in-house resource for business development to channel development on an international scale so that investors can confidently assure themselves that only the best investment opportunities are presented to them.

Property has and always will be a secure investment structure leading to wealth creation, the benefit BDB offers its clients is the powerful rand hedge achieved in both the United Kingdom and Australia which provides an even bigger increase on the return of their investment.

Our goals at BDB are thus simple and efficient – expose as many investors as possible to the advantages of purchasing properties in an international market so that they and their children can benefit from excellent capital growth while at the same time continue to expand their property portfolio.

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